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If you don’t already know, intarsia is defined by the Fairchild Fashion Dictionary as decorative color motifs knitted on a uniform fabric, creating a mosaic effect and having the pattern on both sides of the fabric identical. Geyter further explains: “Intarsia is great if you want to create a multicolored patterned knit. “With this technique, you will only have one active color per stitch. Your sweater will be knitted in one layer and the colors won’t overlap.” The end result will be more vibrant colors and sharper designs, she adds. Fashion shows should always go on—even when it’s snowing. When it comes to weathering the elements, be it showers or blizzards, street-style hikers rely on fur coats and winter-proof—and stylish—puff hats. There is always someone willing to risk the freezing cold to show off their fashion sense in a mini dress or bare skin. Which camp do you fall into? See the best street style in the snow below. Paris haute couture spring 2019

George astronaut shirt

Emily’s third season in Paris returns today, amid a change in vibe. If last year was all about Emily’s style, now we’re looking to Sylvie for inspiration. Savoir’s former boss (who is rumored to have been influenced by Carine Roitfeld’s clothes) works in a Parisian style like no other in a closet full of tight midi skirts, off-the-shoulder dresses, and embroidered blazers and classic button-down shirts from brands like Alexandre Vauthier, Alaia, and Saint Laurent. Below we follow Sylvie-esque flair on the streets of the French capital. Scroll through to get in the mood for Emily in Paris and follow our Street Style Trend Tracker for the best outfits of the season.Paris, Fall 2019 couture All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, we may earn affiliate revenue on this article and a commission when you buy something. Knitting is not a hobby for the impatient. After hours and days of meticulously stitching the yarn into a wearable work of art, something as beautiful as an intarsia sweater can appear on the other end. Charlotte de Geyter, co-founder of Bernadette, noted to Vogue: “Knitting Intarsia requires a certain level of craftsmanship and a certain amount of patience. “When I see an intarsia shirt being knitted, I always know the amount of work and time that has been put in, so the piece feels especially precious and luxurious. There is definitely some love given to every Intarsia sweater.

George astronaut s hoodie

Today’s Spotlight: Multi-hyphen star Benjamin Coy is yearning for a Brandon Blackwood trunk bag—the perfect finishing touch to his simple and sophisticated everyday look, right? Scroll down to find the must-know designers on this Vogue Club member’s fashion wish list, plus: Why classical music will always be his first love… Happy New Year your clothes, wear lace, not flashy. The way you wear it makes all the difference. Also, slipping after midnight counts as pajamas, right? Happy New Year! This is the year of Miu Miu. The brand’s micro-pants and crop-cut knits are among the most photographed items of 2022. But the Miu Miu is much more than midriff, like its street style archive we reveal. In 2016, Miu Miu served up ’70s-inspired flowers instead of a neoclassical look. What hasn’t changed is that the street style outside of the Miu Miu show is key — and you can count on Alexa Chung to be there. Scroll through to find Miu Miu’s best outfits on Vogue Runway’s street style show from 2016 to present. There’s nothing more romantic than a ribbon bow, one of the year’s best street style trends. Outside the Simone Rocha show in London, ribbons floated behind tulle dresses, and in Paris, tiny bows completed the braids. This year may be coming to an end, but bows never go out of style. Scroll through the best street-style ribbons below.

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