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Rule 10.2 in the Rules of Golf concerns “advice” but your specific question is covered by the definition of advice itself. From the “Definitions” portion of the USGA Rules website In this case, it is that last bullet that is the answer to your question. If a player or caddie cautions an opponent that they may be about to violate a Rule, that is not “advice” and neither is discussing a rule during a round to clarify the situation in a player’s mind. It is not required to notify an opponent of a possible rules violation but it is considered “good form” and a nice thing to do. However, I encourage you to play the “forward” tees, or the “middle” tees, “red” tees, or “white” tees or “green” tees. I think the days of tee boxes being named after a gender, or being associated with an age, are gone. Or it should be. The reason is because the old names of tee boxes limits which ones players are willing to use because of ego or embarrassment.

Beast Of The East For Philadelphia Football Shirt

No man wants to play from the lady’s tees, even if that is the appropriate tee box. But they probably would’t mind playing from the forward tees. And not many men who are under 55 would feel good about playing from the senior tees. Nor would a woman of any age! But they would play from the white tees. It’s so easy to remove the stigma associated with certain teeing areas. Let’s do away with the antiquated names. My club has 5 sets of tee boxes, all named after a color. The back tees (or championship tees) are black. The next tee box is gold, followed by blue, white and red. Many courses have a similar thing, or some will have a gender-neutral nickname for each set of tees rather than a color.

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A tee is simular to a sight on a rifle. If you are at a distance an iron should be used, use a tee. When is the last time you saw a pro just throw his ball down on the ground to tee off? Stand outside of their line of vision and peripheral vision. Stand still and don’t make any noise. Watch their putt as it leaves the putter face. After they make contact with the ball you get over directly behind the line of the ball if you want for a birds-eye view of the path if you want. I’ve seen people run over to watch the line. I don’t do that, I just watch the ball and watch for tell tale signs in the surface that the ball rolls over or next to for a read on the break. It rolled right over that brown spot, it rolled right next to that lighter green little patch. Whatever. There are tells all over a green usually, you just have to watch for them. Do that and you get your read without a bunch of goofy antics.

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