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In the 1983 British Open at Royal Birkdale, Hale Irwin was charging up the Saturday leaderboard when he left a birdie putt barely an inch short on the par-3 14th. He walked up to tap in his ball…and whiffed. To his credit, he never tried to pass it off as anything but a whiff: “I got a 4,” he told his playing partner immediately. Golf is a game of character, and on that score Irwin passed with flying colors. But he went on to lose the tournament to Tom Watson by a single stroke and cement his name forever in golfing infamy. Kenneth Katzen has a good answer to the question of how to determine the proper length of course that is more or less suitable to your game. But that does not always tell you which tee boxes to play. So it isn’t age that matters, but whether your better shots give you a decent chance to play the course comfortably (with just enough challenge). The point, of course, is to have fun. So play the tees that let you have the most fun – whatever your age.

Top super Bowl Champions Arizona 2023 Kansas City Chiefs shirt

I’m nearly 80. I’m pretty comfortable on 6000 yard courses. And that often corresponds to the white tee boxes on a lot of courses. But I travel a lot in the summer and play a number of different courses. There are two I can think of in central Oregon I really like to play – one is under 6000 yards from the blue tees and on the other, the white tees are over 6500 yards (and the blues are 6900!). So it varies a lot by course. If I find a course I haven’t played before, I will typically play the white tees. But I look at a couple of things before I decide: How many 4-pars are over 400 yards; how many 3-pars are over 180 yards; and how many of the 5-pars are over 500 yards. I don’t need to always be able to reach greens in regulation – but it is nice to have a chance on most of them.

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I have some younger friends who will always play from the yellow tees – or whatever are in front of the whites. They are comfortable on a 5000 yard course – it fits their game – so that’s where they play and they have a great time. Accuracy and second shot! It is probably a short par 4 and with an Iron Club you are more precise to place the first shot near a preferred spot, to hit from there the perfect second shot to the hole. Everyone has a certain distance they love and can hit this distance every time within a few feet. So if you can place the tee shot with a 4 iron to the 100 yard marker and than use your beloved sand wedge you can get it close to the flag for a birdie or even an eagle is possible.

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