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Trick question, right? He has three white shirts but they each count as the same outfit since they look the same. So there are only 3x3x1 = 9 total distinct outfits. Was that what you meant? Or did you mean for each white shirt to count separately? Consider each colour as a unit this means we have 3 units to arrange. The first unit can go into 1 of 3 positions the second unit can go into 1 of 2 positions the third unit will go into the last remaining position One pair of shoes is for running and are dirty from being outdoors, so you should not pick that pair, meaning he has 1 pair suitable for the dance. Of the 4 pairs of pants, 1 is dirty because he didn’t do laundry ahead of time, 1 is his work slacks and he doesn’t want to to think about work at a dance.

Top travis kelce Kansas city burrowhead my ass shirt

Of the 5 shirts, 2 are too warm for being indoors dancing, and 1 doesn’t go with either of the remaining 2 pants. Yet another fake question from Danny Margulies, a perfectly competent native speaker who already knows very well the difference between “tee” and “tea”, but who is being paid by Quora to waste our time. However 18% is not the number of students, so this answer would not be considered a full credit, correct answer. 🙂 Assuming that he can’t differentiate the various shirts and shorts by touch, then I’d say 1 in 6 (3 shirts times 2 shorts). I almost said 1 in 12, but if he can’t tell sandals from sneakers by touch, he shouldn’t be allowed shopping on his own. It’s very easy to order custom t-shirts these days – you don’t even need to leave the house to go to a local print shop. You can go to any printing or print-on-demand (POD) website and order your tee from there. One of the best POD websites out there is Printful. All you have to do is follow these steps: There are a lot of benefits of using Printful as your custom t-shirt supplier. First of all, Printful offers printing techniques like DTG (direct to garment), AOP (all-over print), and embroidery, as well as other services. For example, alongside printing, we also do engraving on accessories like necklaces. There are 310 premium products available for you to choose from, including said T-shirts. You can even choose products from famous brands like Adidas and Champion for you to sell. That said, if you ever want to order other custom apparel, you can do so with Printful.

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Another important benefit from using Printful is that all you have to do is choose a product you see in the Printful catalog, put your design on it and the rest will be taken care of by one of our many fulfillment centers around the world. We currently have 16 fulfillment locations around the world which means that we can offer fast and convenient shipping for you no matter what country you’re in. Lastly, you can order up to 3 sample orders each month. Sample orders come with a 20% discount and free shipping so that you can try out our products. You can solve these kind of problems very easily if you write the same category things on the same sides and solve for the ‘X’.(in my case shirts are on one side and jeans are on another side). Hope it will be helpful for you , if you want resolve these kind of problems in future. 2 answers here- if you only want “any pair” you draw 4…there are 3 colors- therefore the 4th draw MUST match one of them but, if you want a black pair and are the unluckiest person alive you “might” draw all 42 blue and all 15 red for 57 so socks 58 and 59 would be black.

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