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From dealing with the ice-cold weather to returning to the 9-to-5 schedule post-holidays, January can often be a tough month to get through. But us editors found comfort and joyous ways to push through the dreary month�a little retail therapy. Who knew that something as simple as a bright green base layer could be the cure for wintery blues. One editor confessed that the easy wardrobe upgrade instantly brightened up her day. And it’s not just clothing that helped us survive (and remain looking our best) last month. A couple of my colleagues stocked up on beauty products to combat dry skin and solve our biggest hair problems. You’ll find those winter beauty essentials and so many cool things to buy, ahead.

2023 Kansas City Chiefs Victory In The Desert Buzzard Beatdown Shirt

Thanks to a high recommendation from ‘s Helena Suric, I bought Chanel’s Calligraphie cream eyeliner after years of not wearing any. It’s been an uphill battle to find one that I actually loved and not only is this one waterproof, but it comes with a sleek brush for easy application. It’s about time I depart from a no-makeup makeup look in 2022! Before the pandemic began, I always wore day shoes that had some sort of a heel. As someone who stands at 5’3, I liked to have some extra height at the office and around town! Fast forward, and now, I’m embracing flat shoes and my shorter frame like never before. I decided it was time I added a sleek sneaker into my rotation and the retro feel of these Loewe runners seemed just about perfect in their neutral but not plain white hues.

2023 Kansas City Chiefs Victory In The Desert Buzzard Beatdown Shirt hoodie

I have way too many bottoms and not enough tops! This year I have made it my mission to upgrade my top selection and my first purchase is this amazing blouse from Chopova Lowena that I got for a great price off of MatchesFashion. With leftover Christmas gift cards and in homage to the new year (and a new wardrobe!), I took to freshening up my closet with winter staple updates. I was able to score an ultra-comfy sweater and scarf set by The Frankie Shop, which has become the perfect complement to all of my outfits�take these sleek Zara pants, for example! For some extra polish, I’ve added a couple of new accessories to this mix, like this dainty initial pendant and these rich-colored booties (hellooo, Valentine’s Day!).

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