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Whether or not wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans is acceptable depends on the situation and the overall aesthetic you’re going for. If you’re attending a casual event or running errands, then a plain white t-shirt and jeans is perfectly acceptable. However, if you’re trying to achieve a more put-together look, then you might want to consider pairing your white t-shirt with a statement piece, like a bold piece of jewelry or a printed scarf. There are a few ways you can make a white T-shirt look grungy and worn out. One way is to simply wear it a lot – the more you wear it, the more worn out it will look. You can also add some strategically placed holes or rips, or tie it up in a knot to give it a more grungy look. Finally, you can wash it in a way that will make it look more distressed – for example, by using bleach or sandpaper.

Proud Tofu Eating Guardian Reading Wokerati Shirt

Well for the workplace or professional settings no, and most companies will have a dress code in place that restricts such things. That said, for a night out with the girls or your beau, sure a see through shirt can be fun. Also beach vibe places is also where a see through shirt with like a bikini top under it is also going to be more common place even for walking around. I like to do like a black see through top with a sexy black bra under it. It draws attention but in a more classy way. I put some example pics below. Wearing a see through top with no bra and there for showing the nipples is well… it is doable but it is going to draw a lot of attention so make sure to have like a leather jacket or something to cover yourself with when you are not wanting the attention. I would say your clubs in Vegas and like the Florida stretch you are probably going to see a lot of that.

Proud Tofu Eating Guardian Reading Wokerati Shirt Hoodie

Would I recommend always wearing a white shirt? Nah. It’s super cute on my grandpa, but I think all of his shirts have stains now (mostly Cheeto ones— the man is crazy for those things). The stains wouldn’t be as noticeable if he wore shirts that weren’t white. I guess if a person was careful enough when wearing white shirts and used a good stain treatment when doing laundry, it might be okay to always wear white shirts as far as stains go. You have to wear a white shirt underneath it…it’s the only way that I know how to do this. I buy thin white t-shirts, both long sleeve and short sleeve to wear under white button-down shirts. Honestly, I don’t like wearing two shirts like this, but it’s really the only way to have a pure white shirt without flesh- colored tinting or under-tones. This can also help with any nipple issues that may pop-up 😉

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