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From velvety red lips to honey-colored hair, this week’s Instagram beauty approached the look with a certain degree of harmony (and appropriateness). Camila Morrone celebrated Argentina’s World Cup win with a vampire red mane (predicted to be the most popular in 2023), a heart-shaped hairpin, generous lip gloss and a grin. Lizzo is also always smiling, her face displaying a diamond grill, paired with Bantu knots and freckled skin. Change your hair color, change your life. It sounds like an oversimplification, but sometimes a shade transition is really all that separates you from a whole new perspective—even if only aesthetically. Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak says: ‘I can see it in my clients’ faces, the moment when they let go of some of the past and feel like there’s a lightness and floating on them. her hair. “It brings real optimism and joy to the New Year and all that is to come.”

Talk nerdy to me shirt

The 2023 statement-making tones are a continuation of the existing palette, a desire for richness and warmth combined with softer (and cooler) options. The fire-and-ice approach to the manes gives an almost old-world feel, a nod to the sort of color immortalized in artwork throughout history, reimagined for a modern setting. . These colors match whether you tend to be more Y2K–slash–sci-fi or dreamy, noting “I just stepped out of a John William Waterhouse”—and provide extra strength. for every possible cut. There’s no time like now to leverage the power of the human voice and storytelling through beauty podcasts. If you’re looking for a distraction, they can provide both a sense of escapism and a comfortable background as you get through your daily life. Fortunately for those who are drawn to the beauty and health of things, there are many shows, both new and established (with an extensive catalog), that will satisfy the curiosity, offer Fascinating history lessons and let you be the one to enjoy. the wall to amuse tete-à-têtes. From carefully exploring the cult of health to revisiting Hollywood’s tumultuous history of beauty, here’s a series of beauty podcasts you can binge on in the coming months.

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Many doctors agree that the mouth may be the most obvious manifestation of work done too soon. Youthful lips tend to be noticeably thick and naturally upturned at the corners, meaning that the best strategy to accentuate them is often a well-characterized lip color. For women who are still self-conscious about the size or symmetry of their lips—such as a slightly lopsided appearance—Botox can be injected into the oral sphincter along the lip line as an alternative. for lip fillers. “When some people smile, their lips turn inward and they lose the upper lip,” says Dara Liotta, a plastic and plastic surgeon in New York City. “This relaxes the outer layers of the circular muscle around the lips and looks much more natural than fillers.” Additionally, injections along the jawline—or, more specifically, the bite muscle—have become popular for stress-induced clenching and are also known to refine this area. “A lot of people have tension in the jaw area, and when you relax that muscle, the chin sticks out from the shadow of the lower lip,” explains Liotta. You only have one time in your 20s.

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