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Johnson, however, would have no chance against any of the big name boxers called Rocky. Marciano would have him down and out with the first punch, seconds after the fight started. As the Brockton Blockbuster said to Burt Reunolds, who eyed him with thoughts of how he could do against him, “don’t even think about it.” Rocky Juarez, however, would have to throw a few combinations to finish him off in the first round. Rocky, retired a featherweight boxer, won a featherweight Olympic silver medal and a Junior Olympic World and National gold medal, and a world title of the World Amateur Boxing Association. In 42 professional fights he was never knocked out.

Stone cold time to whoop ass shirt

Well, that is what those fighters, as well as Rocky Lockridge, and others could do, if they were that sanguinary. But unlike Floyd Mayweather Jr., they would not fight anyone making his professional debut. In an exhibition they would do what Oscar de la Hoya did against the shockingly clumsy Shaquille O’Neal; pull all their punches, accept a draw, and praise the hell out of The Rock’s strength and athleticism. Dwayne Johnson’s face, which enthralls so many women, would remain unmarked.

Stone cold time to whoop ass s hoodie

The 73 year old Sylvester Stallone himself has no chance against The Rock, and wouldn’t even if they were the same age (47). Stallone has some muscularity, but never was an athlete. Additionally, he is much smaller; 5′ 10″ and at most, 200 pounds. Stallone has never showed that he learned anything from the lessons he took from professional boxers. Without any training, an athlete like Johnson would knock him out whenever he wanted. More than likely, because this would be an exhibition, a nice guy, like The Rock would instead carry Stallone, then tell everyone afterward what a tough opponent he was.

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