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Frank is one of many inspiring young people who are the subject of a new series highlighting the generation of BIPOC climate activists. Titled Tokala, it was spearheaded by creative director/stylist Marcus Correa and photographer Carlos Jaramillo, along with filmmaker Jazmin Garcia and manager of the Future Coalition Youth Live Action Fund. non-profit hybrid Thomas Lopez. “The climate activism space is a very white space,” Correa said. “But POC communities are being hit hard by climate change. There is a lot of power in these communities and these activists should be treated like celebrities. We wanted to tell their stories in a way that was visually upbeat and uplifting.” The name “Tokala” derives from the historic Tokala Society (Kit Fox) of the Lakota tribe, a group of warriors who have shown courage and leadership from a young age. In a new photography project, published exclusively in Vogue, the team set out to find today’s youth who are proving themselves to be leaders in their respective communities.

Mavs FFL Kobe Bryant Rookie Card Shirt

The group traveled across the United States to capture activists—all under the age of 25—and the burgeoning environment that fueled their work. “Our goal is to empower all of these audiences and give them a platform to hopefully inspire the younger generation or others in their community,” said Jaramillo. The first segment of the series focuses on the West Coast, examining issues happening in the Hoopa Valley—with a focus on Frank—and in LA, where they focus on activist Atlakatl Ce Tochtli Orozco. “We wanted to illuminate the under-lit places—with a good mix of different areas and issues,” says Correa. As they met and photographed various subjects across the country, Lopez also worked with Future Coalition to provide each subject with additional funding (up to $5,000) so they could continue their active activities. “I feel so fortunate to be able to use the lens of beauty to help enhance other people’s stories and find moments of poetic justice in images,” says Garcia. “It is also the greatest blessing to be able to work on projects where you make art, your family and most importantly the community.”

Mavs FFL Kobe Bryant Rookie Card Shirt Hoodie

Of course, consumer behavior is only one piece of the puzzle, especially when considering that much of fashion’s carbon footprint comes from the production of clothing. But collective change can help affect the entire industry. “We felt there was a real gap in what we could do as consumers and how to translate that into the concrete action we can take today,” Coscieme said. At just seven years old, Hoopa activist and water defender Danielle Rey Frank attended her first rally at the Hoopa Valley Preserve in Northern California, where she grew up. Frank, now 18, says: “I was at the first dam demonstration with my father. “It’s been a generational struggle to tear down these dams. My great-uncle was the one who actually suggested it—and the fight is still going on to this day.” Since that first protest, Frank has been heavily involved in the fight to restore water levels in her community. “If these rivers dry up, the salmon will die, and we won’t be able to weave baskets or jump boats,” she said.

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