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3. But the main reason is, because the rules of golf say you cannot tee up a ball anywhere else on the golf course, ergo, teeing the ball must provide some advantage. Oh, that’s easy. All good golfers have a “go to” shot. The one that’s their security blanket when things get spooky. Often it’s a swing that isn’t technically excellent, but one they hit a bunch when they were just learning how to get the ball around a course. Number one rule on the first tee is get the damned ball in play. Forget impressing anyone. Formula 1 drivers have mentioned that golf is like slo-motion car racing. There’s an old saying in racing, “The most dangerous part of the race is the first curve.” Smart racers play it safe. Sad to say, but modern drivers have so much forgiveness built into them that for good golfers, they’re the easiest clubs in the bag to hit well.

Tangle the tigers arKansas vs mizzou shirt

Good golfers hit a lot of wedges before a round, or little pitch shots if there isn’t a range. They’re not “dialing in” their wedges. They already know how far they go. What they are doing is focusing on contact and impact position. Then they putt. A lot. Here’s why: The putting stroke (if you have a good one) has the same rhythm and tempo as a full-swing shot. I’m not kidding here. Good golfers hit their first few shots as if they are simply stroking a long-range putt. To get the hang of this, use the rubber tee on a range mat as your target and take breaks from hitting clubs to putt just like you’re swinging. Misses roll back in the tray. Since I’m supposedly a “good golfer” (these days I just know a lot of good golfers who put up with me) I’ll share how I deal with the first tee. For entertainment purposes only! When I want to apply some extra jackassery I will take slow-motion swings with my driver. I mean super-slo-mo. This is good practice at home, of course, and I’ll look and feel for any body parts moving (or not) out of sequence. I’ll especially focus on staying in balance. Most golfers can’t do this slo-mo thing very well, if at all, so it’s somewhat amusing/annoying/distracting to have a weirdo ignoring everything while he masturbates over the beauty of his slo-mo golf swing.

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What I usually do, though, is hit a “leg shot.” Here’s the thing: If you think of your body like a vertical thermometer, many players are overthinking/fussing about off-course stuff/self-conscious on the first tee, so their swing winds up centered way up at the top of the thermometer. The upper body takes over, their transition is ruined and they either pull it left (if they get the face squared) or banana spray it right (if they hold the face open). Best case scenario is a wimpy cut fade. Impressive! So, the leg shot. I’m intentionally controlling the swing with my legs. I’m keeping the thermometer down where it’s cool. When I do this, the predictable danger is having my legs/hips/torso outrace my shoulders/arms. This usually results in a block right, so the prophylactic here is to choke down on the driver a half inch or so. This reduces swingweight, has me holding a skinnier tapered shaft, and helps a slightly shorter club catch up with my legs/torso. It’s easier to hit the sweet spot, too. If I sense that I’m “trapped” meaning my arms have lagged too far behind, I’ll rotate my right forearm and the block turns into a cool-looking push-draw carver. Then I pick up my tee and act like I manufactured it on purpose. Of course. Still gotta jackass.

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