Podxmas – I kissed a fireman i like it valentine shirt

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Daniel Roseberry opened the gates of hell in more ways than one with his spring 2023 couture offering for Schiaparelli. The collection, inspired in part by Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno,” fanned the burning flames of online discourse—a layer of damnation Alighieri would’ve certainly doomed some of his subjects to had he known about the state of the internet in 2023.

I kissed a fireman i like it valentine shirt

“And along the way, figure out what exactly I wanted to wear now.” Every time she does a try-on, “Folks go crazy for it. I have the most insane responses,” she says. Readers even DM her for styling intel. “I’ve helped pick out shoes for someone’s wedding and turned someone on to a great blazer that they wore to a job interview—and they got the job.”

I kissed a fireman i like it valentine shirt

This stocktaking comes in the wake of the pandemic and other global crises. “It felt like everyone had gone into this transformation, like everyone looked back and just changed their life, a little bit,” the designer said. In this collection, she continued, “you will see me growing up.”

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