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Jillian Ruffo, Associate Beauty Editor: During the winter months, my regular mist doesn’t seem to be able to combat permanent dryness – but this one contains hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and instantly brightens skin. My skin is back to normal. Lindy Segal, style society editor: You may have heard that there’s a little bit of snow on the east coast this weekend or you know, two feet. When NYC got like this, my instinct was to wear sweaty, sweaty and just sweaty clothes. Since that’s generally not acceptable in an office setting, I absolutely love these fleece sweatpants – they’re incredibly comfortable, warm, and all-around. Oh and bonus too, right now you can get two for $10, so go ahead!

Elevate The Standard shirt

Brittany Talarico, Style News Editor: If you’re having a hard time keeping your skin moisturized this winter, I highly recommend this cleanser. The creamy gel formula includes five different nourishing oils, leaving your skin feeling baby-soft. But my favorite way to use it is to remove eye makeup. Full disclosure: I’m actually resting with my wipes. Wash water has some cleaning agents similar to contact solutions, so it is very gentle and does not cause irritation.

Elevate The Standard s hoodie

Emily Kirkpatrick, Associate Style News Editor: Honestly, these sneakers were so good at first, I wasn’t even sure if I should share them. I’m obsessed with all things Vans footwear, and as my own furry leopard print shoes started down the inevitable path of destruction, I had my eye on new kicks. These tropical print low neck tops are perfect for the pocket, and who couldn’t get a little sunshine on these dark, cold days? Colleen Kratofil, Writer-Reporter Style: After traveling a lot over the holidays, I realized how much I needed a nice travel suitcase. Packed in a Ziploc bag doesn’t look good. Thankfully, this Kestrel case keeps everything organized brush on one side, product on the other and doesn’t take up much space in my suitcase.

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