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“ We accept locs and ‘fros and our natural state, our fabrics and our jewelry. It was a beautiful time,” said Badu of the mid-90s neo-soul scene. Badu and his daughter Puma wore Prada. It all started when Risso, a longtime admirer of Badu, asked the singer to be his date at last year’s Met Gala. The outfit he made for her was a vibrant Technicolor dream coat, a throwback to the patchwork dress Badu designed herself and wore to the 1999 Grammy Awards. Updated versions include hundreds of fabric samples from Marni’s archives, and have proven to be the perfect springboard for their collaboration. Lying on the floor cushions in her meditation room and scrolling through the book on her iPad, Badu describes the Marni collection as something of an audiovisual experience, what she calls “instrumental wear. mystery”. She zoomed in on the yellow leather boots to show me better the little gold bells studded from ankle to knee. On a matching yellow leather handbag, the same hardware has a tambourine effect. Even the party dresses in the collection are embellished with giant sequins that rustle as you walk. “A lot of these things have stories,” said Badu. “Tall hats, of course, towering thoughts.” She stopped off with an outfit that was particularly eye-catching on-screen: a patchwork leather jacket with a belt worn with a matching knit cap inspired by the shirt she was created for. to dress up for an educational skit on YouTube before she became famous. “The funny thing is that I took the hat and turned it into something amazing, because that’s what I used to be afraid of.”

Put coke back in coke shirt

When she told her story, Badu only really understood the fashion world towards the end of her career. “I didn’t know all the houses and the names of the designers until I was in my 30s or 40s,” she says. “What I have is a good understanding of shapes and forms, like the way I did with paper dolls when I was a kid.” She rarely works with a stylist, does her own hair and makeup on the road, and still enjoys the thrill of scouring the local thrift stores. “For me, it’s about seeing everything come together, like making a cake from start to finish,” she says. Marni’s creative director, Francesco Risso, found himself mesmerized by her process as he perfected the capsule collection made in collaboration with the singer. “I’ve worked with celebrities in the past and there are times when you have to struggle with them because of too many problems with their body or how they look in one photo. For Erykah, it was a whole new world,” said Risso, recalling the moment he found her in a hotel room in London testing out early models. “I was surprised to see her playing with clothes, messing things up. It’s just innate. For her, it’s not just about making music. She’s iconic because what comes with her is a lifestyle, it’s a complete world.”

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Yohji Yamamoto’s skirt and hat. Only last September did Badu really participate in Global Fashion Week. At Vogue World in New York, she made her catwalk debut in an ERL plaid suit layered over a Bode gown, her own eclectic jeweled collar. At the Tom Ford show a few nights later, she paired a pair of his sparkling rhinestone Aladdin pants with a faux fur hat. Then, after stops in London for Burberry and in Milan for Bottega Veneta, she picked out a dazzling array of outfits for Thom Browne, Rick Owens and Off-White in Paris. She finished her lap at Valentino, where she reinvented the Italian brand’s famous Barbie pink, deftly pulling a hoodie from under her feather coat and donating a hat. giant.

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